Equity and Inclusion in human terms

In my book: Until you walk in My Shoes: A Reframing Methodology to Overcome Systemic Discrimination, I recount my utmost surprise when a white colleague of mine seemed not to understand the incredible fear i experienced when six cops surrounded my car late one night and there was no one who in sight as witness to the event.
I concluded that it is not that good people do nothing. It is that good people feel nothing.

This brings me to the essence of Equity and Inclusion.
Equity is what we SEE. We see when others are treated with preference. We see it when processes are not managed transparently and fairly.
Equity is what we FEEL.
We feel it when our raised hand is ignored. We feel it when we are passed over for promotion. We feel it when we are treated with negative stereotypes.
Equity is what we see
Inclusion is what we feel.
Take any conflict and ask, what do the combatants SEE?
What do the combatants FEEL?
Then ask how do we build Equity and Inclusion?