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Dr. Frank L. Douglas, PH.D., M.D. is concerned with the negative impact of anxiety, stress, and discrimination in the workplace. His extensive education and experience allow him to speak with great insight and authority on this important topic. Dr. Douglas believes that problems can be reframed to produce better outcomes and increase personal satisfaction. Dr. Douglas is an award-winning industry veteran with three decades of experience in healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, and entrepreneurship. Dr. Douglas holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry and an M.D. from Cornell University. He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution and a fellowship in neuroendocrinology at the National Institutes of Health. In spite of episodes of discrimination, Dr. Douglas became the first Black to be on the board of management of a top 5 global pharmaceutical company. This makes him an excellent choice for lecturing on these revelatory topics.

Topics of Expertise

Dr. Douglas speaks to bio-pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, medical students, corporate executives, and Universities.

The Overlooked Effects of Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace: Ways to improve resulting impact on wellbeing

Dr. Douglas comments on the Boston University study which reported that Black women with perceived occurrences of racism suffered higher incidences of stroke and coronary artery disease. These are the concequences of psychologically unsafe and toxic cultures in organizations. He reminds organizations that their employees are their number one asset.

The fireside chat at the NJBIA DEI summit featured a very insightful discussion between Dr. Frank L. Douglas Ph.D., M.D. and moderator Jackie Lue Raia. This important chat effectively discussed elephants in the room as it related to DEI and business.

Until You Walk in My Shoes: A Reframing Methodology to Overcome Systemic Discrimination.

In the case discussed, the students could appreciate that there can be substantive differences among the aspirational culture, the actually practiced culture, and the culture experienced by an individual in an organization.

The Role of Equity and Inclusion in Determining the Types of Cultures in Organizations

As a seasoned leader in innovation, Dr. Frank L. Douglas shares invaluable insights into the challenges of building cultures that are productive in an organization. He demonstrates the relationship between the status of equity and inclusion and the psychological state of cultures in the organization. He offers ways to improve the productivity of cultures in an organization.

Clinical Trials and Disparities in Healthcare

Dr. Douglas sheds light on the pressing issue of healthcare disparities, particularly in clinical trials. Through compelling anecdotes and statistical analysis, he addresses the barriers to equitable healthcare access and emphasizes the necessity of diverse representation in clinical research. Dr. Douglas advocates for systemic changes to ensure fair and inclusive healthcare practices for all.

Underrepresented minority physicians and medical faculty at Weill Cornell Medical School

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Client Testimonials

SHD provides a much needed and innovative approach to address systemic discrimination! While I am proud of the work that I have done in healthcare and biopharma I have thought more about how it has been primarily for people at the top of the access to care pyramid. There is a lot of talk about disparities in healthcare but finding real actions outside of community based efforts is difficult.

– Peter Loupos
Founder and General Manager at Princeton Healthcare Strategies, LLC

I really enjoyed the workshop. I think the interview portion went well and I felt that everyone understood the concepts. It was great going through the cases with you. I think everyone has a tendency to jump to a solution and you were great about guiding us to think more carefully about the situations before rushing to the solution. I came away with a better understanding that to truly get to the “better problem to solve”, the thoughtful review of all aspects is critical.

– Elizabeth Decker
Transformative Technology Executive and Builder of Diverse and Purposeful Teams

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"Inclusion without Equity is a delusion."

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